112 Million Neglected Workers

Mules for mail services

Millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, rely on and earn their livelihood through working animals. The Brooke animal  welfare organization The Brook is a charity that works to improve the living conditions of working horses, donkeys and … Read more

Understanding Laminitis

breeze the horse in a stable

Laminitis is a agonizing and possibly crippling illness that can be deadly to horses. A horse might need to be humanely euthanised if the effects of the illness have actually ended up being so significant that it is inhumane to … Read more

Sugar In The Horses Diet

Horse and hound feeding week

In Horse & Hound’s recent Winter Feeding Guide, published in affiliation with Spillers, they took a look at the controversy surrounding sugar — from what precisely it is, and should we fear it.   Sugar has developed into a dirty word lately. … Read more

What Happens When The Antibiotics Don’t Work


There’s worrying evidence that certain micro organism are becoming immune to antibiotics. Mark Bowen MRCVS discusses the repercussions Modern veterinary medicine relies upon upon antibiotics to deal with persistent infections and to stop the formation of disease-causing bacteria in wounds … Read more

Basic Horse Cаre

Sensitive Horse

Horses аrе аmаzinglу bеаutiful and ѕеnѕitivе сrеаturеѕ. As an equestrian, Horses require nоt оnlу undеrѕtаnding аnd раtiеnсе, they also rеԛuirе a whоlе lot оf саrе from you.

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Four-Month-Old Foal Set On Fire – Police Appeal

foal with burns

UPDATE – Sadly Angus has died as a result of his injuries. Owner Kayleigh Appleby said: “I want to thank everyone who has given us moral support and offered money to help with Angus’s vet bills. We didn’t accept the money but really appreciate how much people have taken Angus to their hearts.”.


RSPCA Chief Inspector Cathy Hyde from the  added: “This was a horrifically cruel attack on a defenceless foal with tragic consequences. “Foals are naturally inquisitive and trusting and it’s awful that it appears someone has taken advantage of this. Attacks like this are extremely rare but understandably local horse owners will be worried and we would suggest they are extra vigilant.  We would also encourage the public to contact the police and groups like Horsewatch to report people acting suspiciously or unusual vehicles visiting fields and yards.

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Shocking Case Of Horses Found With 3ft Long Hooves

Shocking Case Of Horses Found With 3ft Long Hooves
Shocking Case Of Horses Found With 3ft Long Hooves
© Days End Farm Horse Rescue

I’ve worked in horse rescue in the past and never seen a horse with 3ft long hooves, just think, that’s the size of a child. I can’t image what they must have gone through.

These poor horses were found at a farm in the US and rescuers believe they’d been left in stables for 15 yrs. During that time that time it appeared that they might not have had farrier or veterinary care.

These horses were discovered standing in 3 to 4ft piles of manure in stables at a farm in Washington County, Oregon on 21st august 2015.

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How Do You Know When Your Horse Is Overworked?

How Do You Know When Your Horse Is Overworked?

How Do You Know When Your Horse Is Overworked?

Horses have a protective mechanism that kicks in when they are being exercised to a point where they can cause themselves damage. This is why your horse will start to drop behind the leg, not clear fences properly and has an increase in breathing rate. You can feel it and wonder why.

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