Older Horse Riders

older horse riders

Older Horse Riders Accept it, then deal with it All horse riders will get older, FACT! Accept the inevitable fact that you’re not as young as you once  were and, therefore, can’t or shouldn’t take the chances you once did. “When … Read more

112 Million Neglected Workers

Mules for mail services

Millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, rely on and earn their livelihood through working animals. The Brooke animal  welfare organization The Brook is a charity that works to improve the living conditions of working horses, donkeys and … Read more

Understanding Laminitis

breeze the horse in a stable

Laminitis is a agonizing and possibly crippling illness that can be deadly to horses. A horse might need to be humanely euthanised if the effects of the illness have actually ended up being so significant that it is inhumane to … Read more

Horse Manure– Does It Have Any Uses?


There is a wide range of weights among horses depending on the type, a typical adult riding horse weighs approximately 900– 1,100 pounds. A horse that size produces around 8 to 9 tons; or between 16,000 and 18,000 pounds of … Read more

There are no magic fixes for horse problems

Dangerous horse

Day by day I receive emails from people who find themselves having issues with their horses. I’m certain a lot of folks assume there’ll be a magic fix for his or her particular problem.    Here is an example: “My horse … Read more

Sugar In The Horses Diet

Horse and hound feeding week

In Horse & Hound’s recent Winter Feeding Guide, published in affiliation with Spillers, they took a look at the controversy surrounding sugar — from what precisely it is, and should we fear it.   Sugar has developed into a dirty word lately. … Read more

What Happens When The Antibiotics Don’t Work


There’s worrying evidence that certain micro organism are becoming immune to antibiotics. Mark Bowen MRCVS discusses the repercussions Modern veterinary medicine relies upon upon antibiotics to deal with persistent infections and to stop the formation of disease-causing bacteria in wounds … Read more